Tickets please 2019

Have you ever dreamed of playing as a cashier in a video-game ? Me neither ! (🤷‍♂️)
Now you can, though, with our latest game called "Tickets please". Based on an original story written by Florie Darcieux, published by Betapublisher, we developped a game during a three-day gamejam. You are a shop owner in a peaceful town in France, but one day, someone kills the mayor ! Gasp ! You turn to your TV, and the local news are clear : the killer was in your shop JUST NOW ! Go through the discarded cash register tickets, look for clues, and investigate. Once you're certain you found the suspect, call the police and warn them. If you're wrong, the killer WILL come back, and you won't make it until next morning... (😨)

The game was developped in C# on Unity. It makes use of a ticket-printing machine as the main source of information throughout the game. Sadly, this required lots of paper, albeit not as much as what is being wasted every day in shops around the world.

Work created in collaboration with Léo Bindner, Alix Gavalda, and Marin Pousset.

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