The "Rencontres de l'orientation", by le Figaro Etudiant 2018-2019

"Les rencontres de l'orientation du Figaro Etudiant" is an event held every year that helps students who are looking for specialized schools find the right one. It is hosted by the french company le Figaro Etudiant, a french student-oriented online news site.
Before the 2018 edition, the Figaro Etudiant's website and all of their communication was created in a "flat-design" style. I was tasked with imagining a new, less outdated style for the website and for their events. I came up with a 3D render style that was quite in fashion at the time.

This particular video was broadcast on the Figaro Etudiant's social networks, and used as an introduction to the brand's facebook lives. The following videos were used as jingles for other videos destined to be published on social networks.

Work created in collaboration with Tristan De Couëssin, for the french company Figaro Etudiant.

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