Quadrinio 2019

Quadrinio is an interactive installation that one can play, or listen to. It was created in collaboration with the french school INA Sup, the "Institut National des Archives", as well as the Institut français.  Voices from french-speaking people from accross the globe were collected. Thoughts, poems, even speeches, all about a common theme : the ideas of the night. A large database of sounds was thus created. Our goal was to create an instrument in order to play these sounds.  (😴)

The installation was made in two different parts. The top part is a metallic chime, it is hooked up to a touchboard which drives an Ableton patch (👂). The patch then picks a random sample from the database to be played on one of three speakers surrounding the installation. It also sends a signal to a subwoofer, hidden under the water-tank inside the base of the installation, which vibrates it, and creates intriguing reflections on the ceiling.

Work created in collaboration with Minh Boutin, Cécile Dumas, and Daphnée Alia.


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