Poissons quantiques 2019

Poissons quantiques is the name that Julien Bobroff (University Paris-Saclay) chose for his talk on quantum physics. It means "Quantum Fishes", in French, and evokes the erratic but law-governed behavior of large shoals of fish. Julien Bobroff is a physicist (🔬) who's been creating and giving talks about quantum physics. In his work, he tries to come up with interesting metaphors in order to make complicated concepts as intelligible as possible. He asked us to create his next "augmented talk" about the latest findings of quantum physicists ; he asked us to create a device that would help, or illustrate his point. (You can watch the entire talk, as it was recorded further down this page).

We made use of an old oscilloscope (📈) that was sitting in our physics lab, and rigged it to read sound files. We then designed 3D spaces as well as simple illustrations to display on the oscilloscope screen. The software used is OsciStudio by Hansi Raber.

Work created in collaboration with LĂ©ontine Pigot, and Emma Pustienne.

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