Capsule temporelle 2018

The year is 2419, there are no humans left on earth because it has become inhabitable. All of humanity now lives in orbit, and it has been centuries since Man last walked the pale blue dot. A number of treasures remain on the surface of the planet, though. Capsules with hidden knowledge are scattered accross the globe, and each capsule holds data about something that defines humanity. This particular "capsule temporelle" holds musical information. It is a vault that once opened, gives access to the last music ever created on earth.  (🔊) 

In essence, this interactive installation is a puzzle. The user must pour sand on top of it, and then try to fiddle with the different knobs until they achieve the correct cymatic sand pattern. Once that sand pattern has been formed, they can scan the top of the device using their smartphone and a webpage app in order to discover a 360° 3D world full of music.


This interactive device was exhibited at the "Nuit de la lecture", in 2018. It was an event held at the "Cité des Sciences et du design" in Paris. For the occasion, in collaboration with Marin Scart I created a teaser video that was projected near the entrance of the exhibit hall. 

The object was made inside the Carrefour Numérique's fablab, using their 3D printers and laser cutters (✂️). 

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